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Have you ever just liked something, for no good, defensible reason? Yeah?

OK, well, for no good reason, I like KrazyDad Kaleidoscope. Plug in the URL of any image, and this silly little toy turns the photo into a kaleidoscope image. Flying pigs, your left toe, the photos of your kids you stored in Photobucket or Flickr. It’s just fun.

Have any image editing resources you’d like to share? Click that comments link below!


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Do your beliefs match your religion? Beliefnet promises to tell you in this quiz that matches denominations with doctrine.

“Even if you don’t know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic knows,” the site asserts. “Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic will tell you what religion (if any) you practice…or ought to consider practicing.”

While I think Beliefnet takes a simplistic and overly orthodox view of my particular denomination, perhaps it’ll do a better job of yours.

What made your own Sabbath memorable this week? Share — anonomously, if you’d like — by clicking that Comments link below.

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From today on, each time one of my many children has a birthday, Greenlance will celebrate by posting a resource that will be of particular interest to that kid. So happy birthday, middle son. This site’s for you:

MakaiMakai” isn’t just an awkward pronunciation of “Michael”; it’s also the Hawaiian word for “toward the ocean.” Is there any question, then, what you’d name a magazine that discusses nothing but hanging out at beaches in Hawaii? It’s a Surfin’ Safari, baby. If you’re planning to live by the beach, live a beach lifestyle.

To my son who longs to live in Hawaii: We wish you “Hau`oli la Hanau,” Bu. And be glad that we didn’t name you “Hapai“!

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Tests, Tests,  Tests You enjoy crossword puzzles, your best friend likes Sudoku, and your cat plays the piano. Me? My intellectual stimulant of choice is taking tests.

Tests, Tests, Tests lets me break my brain against career tests, Bible tests, typing tests, personality tests, and even IQ tests. There are plenty of fun quizzes here, too. What’s your Hogwarts House? Are you a Neat Freak? How Jealous are You?

So here’s a little test: Can you tell me about a better online resources for adult brain teasers? If not, I get the high score.

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Just In Case I Die Here it is: The first review of a site I do not use. Ever. But it’s just so creepy, I feel a need to share.

Just in Case I Die — have you looked at that logo? — sends out an email message to the police, your spouse, or anyone else you designate, in the event of your death. Or in the event that you fail to log in and STOP the message from being delivered. Same thing, right?

“My ex-husband did it!” “The password is…” “I’ve had a crush on you since the seventh grade.” “All the money goes to support Fluffy.”


I won’t even ask you to comment on this one. Unless you want to.

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KayakCheap travel is hard to come by. Gas is so dear, I don’t even use drive-throughs anymore.

How do I make every penny count when booking travel? Not Expedia, not Travelocity, not Orbitz, and not Priceline.

Nope, in this house, it’s Kayak, not Red Bull, that gives us wings. Kayak is a no-nonsense tool that simultaneously searches more than 140 resources — including most of the biggies. I recently found a Philly/Seattle flight for 220 bucks on Kayak when the same flights were more than $400 on the competitor sites.

Have any favorite resources for planning travel? Do share! Click that Comments link and make my heart soar!

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Dick Blick Art LessonsI’m no artist, but I know good art when I see it. And when I see it, I aspire to create gorgeous little dongxi* to adorn my own life.

Dick Blick Art Lessons is inspiring. It’s a collection of lessons for making beautiful things out of art supplies — supplies that Dick Blick really, really hopes you’ll purchase from them.

Let’s see what we have here:

African Embossed Leather Box Oh, that’s ingenious. It’s an African Embossed Leather Box. I think I’ll make one of those.

Oh! Oh! Here’s something else:

Glass Fossils

It’s Glass Fossils! I’ll make two of those!

It’s pretty much an endless supply of inspiration for artists and wannabes.

Tell me about your favorite art resource by clicking that Comments link below! Inspire me!

*Dōngsyi (東西). A word you should know. It means East-West. More significantly, it means “things,” tchotchkes.

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