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Did you know there are rules for screenwriting? Actual rules. And when you don’t follow the rules, you get beaten with a yardstick — or ignored by Hollywood. Whichever hurts worse. Now that I fancy myself a screenwriter, I’ve hired an assistant to help me follow the rules. OK, “hired” is perhaps too strong a word; “downloaded” may be more accurate.

Celtx is a terrific little piece of software, absolutely free, that will write scripts, storyboard scenes and sequences, sketch setups, develop characters, breakdown & tag elements, schedule productions, and prepare and circulate informative reports for cast and crew. (Yeah, I plagiarized that description from Celtx’ website. Ssshhhh.) In between screenplays, it also writes comic books. Not kidding.

Now if Charlie Sheen could just download an assistant to help him follow the rules, all would be well in Hollywood.


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Just when we were about to drop a spare five hundred bucks on Adobe Creative Suite 5, along comes XtraNormal, this crazy cartoon movie maker — and it’s all free — that allows rank amateurs like yours truly to create animated videos just by clicking and typing.  So many funny movies on the site, but here’s one that caused us to laugh out loud.



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OptOutPreescreenI may have been amongst the first three people to put myself onto the Do Not Call registry. Before the registry, I had nearly stopped answering my phone altogether. Just couldn’t bear the relentless solicitations for life insurance, time shares and credit cards. Since the registry, blissful silence from the commercial sector. These days the only people who call me are friends and clients.

So now I’ve added my name to the junk-mail version of the DNCR. OptOutPrescreen is operated by the four credit-reporting agencies. Signing up stops credit card issuers and insurance agents from checking your credit to mail out those obnoxious You’re Pre-Approved! offers, thereby discouraging — but not quite eliminating — the daily overstuffing of the mailbox. Reducing clutter is just my tiny contribution to the sustainabilification of the planet.

See how I just totally coined a new word?

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Audrey Hepburn as Madonna. Brad Pitt as a panda. Jive critters — including a flamenco horse and dogs doing the salsa. Worth 1000 is an online contest for graphic designers, multimedia artists and amateur Photoshop-ists.

It’s a fun and freaky respite from your Friday. I mean, seriously. How great is this?

Jive Critters at Worth 1000

Jive Critters at Worth 1000

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FlyLadyYeah, Superman may be the Man of Steel, but my hero is FlyLady, the Woman of Steel Wool.

When I was a child, housecleaning was not part of the curriculum. I would spend hours staring at the mess in my bedroom, wondering how other people did it. Eventually I’d just shove everything under my bed and into the closet, and call it good.

Is it any wonder, then, that I grew up to be an Adult Who Doesn’t Know How to Clean Anything? Or that some of my children grew up just as poorly educated?

But it’s never too late to learn; FlyLady has rescued me from the second half of a lifetime badly lived. Now my sinks are shiny and my toilets are scrubbed. It’s a start. We’re tackling clutter, one room at a time.

Are you Born Organized? If so, please share your best housekeeping tip by clicking that Comments link below. 

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Blue MauMauCall me biased, but this one’s a must-see resource for the business-minded. Why biased? Blue MauMau is my baby, sort of. I had a hand in the startup; its current success is entirely its own, however.

If you’ve ever considered starting a franchise, Blue MauMau is your go-to place, with straight-up — and often funny — news, blogs, advice and tips for making it big in the franchise world. It’s a great hangout spot for talking with owners of franchises, too.

What are your favorite resources for making sound business decisions? Share by clicking that Comments link, below.

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WikispacesWhen I’m not blogging, or editing, or having a life, I’m building my little Wikispace. Gotta keep all that research someplace. Wikispaces is made for creating your very own version of Wikipedia. Use it to plan events or build a community. Your club or co-op can use it to coordinate classes and activities, advertise for new members, and improve communication. I use it as a freestyle database for storing information and research. Endless possibilities.

How do you facilitate group planning? Surely you’re not still using email. Are you?

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