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Noupe.comMany decades ago, we spent a long weekend in a Lotus 1-2-3 workshop. By Saturday night we were experts on everything spreadsheet.

Now we’re wishing for a weekend seminar on Photoshop…but the local community college is putting all its continuing ed energy into…no kidding…Introduction to Facebook! Become a Mystery Shopper! Cupid’s Cuisine! Sigh.

lynda.comSo we’re finding ourselves having to create our own weekend Photoshop workshops. Fortunately, these workshops are free, and allow us to attend class in our underpants. For print tutorials, we’ve become quite fond of Noupe, and for video tutorials, we’re growing even more enamoured of Lynda. Both resources provide intensive, Adobe-in-a-Can delivery of knowledge by folks who seem pretty knowledgable about their product. Time to dive in now. We won’t come up for air until we’re experts!


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We’re taking an online computer art class. Not that we’re any good, mind you. But learning Photoshop and Illustrator has been quite an adventure. Now that we’re hooked, we’re looking around for all the tips and tricks we can lay hands on. That’s how we ran across this tremendous resource: PsDesigning. It’s a collection of very well done Photoshop tutorials with illustrated, multi-step instructions for creating beautiful posters, icons, and web graphics. We’re sorta hooked!

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Stock.XCHNGIt’s time for the biennial — okay, bi-decadal — update of our primary website, so I’ve been out hunting for artwork. Lo and behold: I stumbled into a third of a million images, all legit, and all free, at Stock.xchng, a free stock photo gallery.

Just goes to show: People are pretty darned cool. Oh, and generous. This is just a great time to be alive. Merry Christmas, fellow web builders!

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Arts & Letters Daily

Arts & Letters Daily

Pseudo-intellectualism is way more fun than the real thing. When you’re a fraud, as I am, you can still gorge yourself on intellectual ding-dongs such as country music and Go Fug Yourself.

When my brain looks for healthy fare, it noshes at Arts & Letters Daily, a web portal that tracks interesting books, essays and articles that are all sort of au courant.

Then when I’ve had my fill of intellectual snobbery, I take a breather at The Smoking Gun, where I can be first on my block to find out which celebrity has been arrested today.

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Audrey Hepburn as Madonna. Brad Pitt as a panda. Jive critters — including a flamenco horse and dogs doing the salsa. Worth 1000 is an online contest for graphic designers, multimedia artists and amateur Photoshop-ists.

It’s a fun and freaky respite from your Friday. I mean, seriously. How great is this?

Jive Critters at Worth 1000

Jive Critters at Worth 1000

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Free Clip ArtSometimes I fancy myself a bit of an artist. Then I look at what actual artists do, and blush.

One of my favorite unsung pop artists is an obscure school teacher and graphic artist named Phillip Martin. I’ve been stalking his web sites for months now, just gazing at his whimsical drawings. So that you, too, might marvel, I present: Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin. It collects in one place artwork related to all sorts of academic disciplines, holidays, the Bible, and occupations — as well as random ideas such as rainbows, floods, bathtime, seasick, and folding chairs (which I threw in just in case you thought I was working up a water theme, there.)

There are frillions and morillions of artwork collections out on the infonetwebs. Tell me about your favorite by clicking that Comments link.

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Dick Blick Art LessonsI’m no artist, but I know good art when I see it. And when I see it, I aspire to create gorgeous little dongxi* to adorn my own life.

Dick Blick Art Lessons is inspiring. It’s a collection of lessons for making beautiful things out of art supplies — supplies that Dick Blick really, really hopes you’ll purchase from them.

Let’s see what we have here:

African Embossed Leather Box Oh, that’s ingenious. It’s an African Embossed Leather Box. I think I’ll make one of those.

Oh! Oh! Here’s something else:

Glass Fossils

It’s Glass Fossils! I’ll make two of those!

It’s pretty much an endless supply of inspiration for artists and wannabes.

Tell me about your favorite art resource by clicking that Comments link below! Inspire me!

*Dōngsyi (東西). A word you should know. It means East-West. More significantly, it means “things,” tchotchkes.

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