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Bed Bug Registry

Back in the early 80’s we had our first bedbug encounter, at a trashy little rathole in southern Taiwan. Head to toe. Those nasty critters left scars! We’d pay good money not to do that again! Fortunately, we don’t have to pay good money. The Bed Bug Registry is willing to warn us for free — well, so long as we stay in the US and Canada, or on a cruise ship. Next trip to Asia, we think we’ll take a good flashlight and a sturdy shoe.


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Living to 100I’m about to have a birthday. Interestingly, it’s the birthday that marks the halfway point of my life. How do I know? A little calculator called Living to 100 told me so.

The calculator measures factors such as social interactions, medical condition, family history, diet and exercise…all the things your doctor says you need to take care of…and tells you how long you’re expected to live. Ouch.

Turns out that if I want to live to 105, I need to get my backside onto a treadmill. Who knew?

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dog6So Saturday I took care of a friend’s three third-graders, all of whom wanted to watch Daddy Day Care at a high volume. Now I’m a big Eddie Murphy fan, but c’mon. It’s not exactly his best work. And I wanted to work on my book.  By the time we were past the first Angelica Huston scene,  I still hadn’t written three words.

The solution: Great headphones and Simply Noise — a white noise generator that masked Eddie and a room full of shrieking kids.  Simply Noise plays a continuous loop of, well, static fuzz. To my ears, the white noise and pink noise are annoying, but the brown noise is perfectly soothing. Low-pitched, oceany, and full enough to drown out pretty much anything. I may have just found the cure for Adult ADHD.

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We Like It Raw

Nummy, nummy in my tummy…

I’ve been living the raw-food life — with an ocassional moment of cheating — since the first day of this blog.

Over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, and have felt much, much healthier.

The investment was minimal: A $30 dehydrator off Craigslist, a blender, and a knife. But the food sometimes gets a bit repetitive. We Like It Raw solves that problems with amazing recipes and beautiful photography that inspires me, all over again, to stay healthy.

I intend to live a very, very long time. Eating raw vegan is the only way to get there with my health intact.

Tell me about other raw food and vegan resources you love by clicking that Comments link below.

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Mother EarthYou’re an obsessive recycler. You garden. You resist air conditioning. You even compost. But you still don’t feel like you’re doing enough to save the earth. The reason? Mother Earth News, the guilt-inducing Italian mother-in-law of media. These are the people who live in solar-paneled sod houses, dress in dead leaves, and won’t step on bugs. They fertilize with their own bodily wastes and think driving automobiles should be a jailable offense.

I love them. And hate them.

How do you live sustainably? Click the Comments link one line down and tell me about it.

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My Calorie Counter is the resource I use to obsessively track my weight, water intake, food consumption and exercise. Somehow, it gives me strength, knowing I’ll have to account to a machine for that box of fudge I’m agonizing over. And if I don’t exercise every day, the evidence will show up in graphic form.

Have you found a good tool for tracking calories and weight? Tell me about it!

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