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DogpileYou Google? Old school! I do better than Google. I Dogpile.

Dogpile quickly and simultaneously searches Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, About, and several other top search engines. Dogpile also has a toolbar so I can search from wherever my browser happens to be pointed.

Am I missing something by not sticking to Google? Who do you take hunting?


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RSS FeedWhat? You don’t yet have an RSS Feeder? Now that’s gotta stop right now, young reader. It’s time to get headlines from all your favorite pages — including this one — fed directly to your desktop.

Spend five minutes of your life setting up a feeder, and save hours and hours and hours of scanning frequently-updated online newspapers and websites. Let your RSS Feeder do the scanning for you while you sit back and get productive.

The BBC offers this easy tutorial on RSS Feeds: How they work, how to choose one, how to install it, and how to operate it. (Me? I use an RSS Widget in my Vista sidebar. It satisfies my ADHD-driven distractability.)

Tell me which RSS feeds I ought to add by clicking that Comments link below.

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HousecallDid I mention I have eight kids? That’s right. Five sons, two daughters, and my baby: an HP Pavilion laptop. I’ve killed said goodbye to about a dozen notebook PCs over the past two decades, but it wasn’t always hardware failures that sent them packing. At least twice, it was because a virus snuck through while I was on deadline. Anti-virus subscriptions lapse, time’s short, and pow! I’m buying a new computer.

But no more. Now I have great antivirus software that never expires. It’s free, it’s fabulous, it’s TrendMicro Housecall. Oh, and you last three people who connect to the ‘Net via dial-up? Sorry. You’re out of luck. But for the rest of us, Housecall is a lifesaver. Thank you, Trendmicro. I love you!

Tell me your best anti-virus tricks by clicking that comment button one line down.

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MailinatorIt’s just this easy. I don’t give my email address to people I don’t trust. When strangers — or websites — want my email address, I’m hahaha@mailinator.com. Go ahead. Spam me, baby.

With Mailinator, I make up any name I want at the Mailinator domain, and it’s mine. It’s yours, too, if you want it. No registration, no login. Just retrieve your mail. Or better yet, ignore it. It’ll disappear after a few hours. But who cares? Did you really want to read the spam?

Oh, Mailinator has a few alternative domain names, too, in case the potential spammer who wants your address is onto this workaround.

What do you do to fight spam?

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http://www.safer-networking.orgOnce upon a time my computer crashed. T’was filthy, dirty spyware took it down, it was.

I got it running again — barely — and installed Spybot — a fabulous piece of freeware that somehow managed to make everything all better. I haven’t had a problem since.

Tell me about your favorite free software utilities — but please, only after you’ve installed your own copy of Spybot. Here it comes to save the day!

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