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Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening

Hope your holidays were lovely and memorable.

It’s Monday, and we try to make all of our Mondays lovely and memorable by observing a tradition of our own: Family Home Evening.

Oh, yes, our family nights are often messy and disorganized, and all too often they devolve into a morass of movies and munchies, but we’re all in the same room, and that has to count for something, right?

Here’s the planner I use to try to impose at least a modicum of organization on our family nights: fhe.lds.org. The site suggests activities and lesson topics, artwork and an actual fill-in-the-blanks planner for organizing family home evenings.

Share some FHE tips of your own by clicking the Comments link, and I promise not to put you in charge of conducting the opening song.


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Prophetic MidrashI’ve got sort of a thing about the Old Testament. Love its ancient heritage, its rich language, its intense narrative, and most of all, its deep and abiding purpose. I know God better through pondering the prophecies and preaching of the Old Testament than I do through any other course of study. Every other book that the faithful take as scriptural must answer to the Old Testament for authority and foundation.

And so I offer this: Prophetic Midrash. An exegetical commentary on the prophets of the Old Testament.

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Wacky Patent of the Month
Wacky Patent of the Month

I once knew a fellow who claimed to have invented an automobile engine that could operate without fuel.

“Yeah? What happened?” I’d ask.

“Well the government didn’t want me to be successful, so they…”

From there, the story would always get a bit fuzzy. Darned Patent and Trademark Office, always putting the kibosh on clever ideas.

I wish I’d known, then, about Wacky Patents, the site that proves once and for all that “the gummit” will let you you patent just about anything. Every month, for years now, Wacky Patents has featured such cunning ideas as this month’s “Anti Eating Mask,” a muzzle for fat people. Or the Animated Amusement Device featured in March of 2002, that had a swastika on an axle designed, apparently, to inflict pain on the nether parts of Nazis.

Did the government rob you of a great idea? Tell me all about it. I guarantee I won’t tell a soul. Just click the Comments link below, and share.

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We Like It Raw

Nummy, nummy in my tummy…

I’ve been living the raw-food life — with an ocassional moment of cheating — since the first day of this blog.

Over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, and have felt much, much healthier.

The investment was minimal: A $30 dehydrator off Craigslist, a blender, and a knife. But the food sometimes gets a bit repetitive. We Like It Raw solves that problems with amazing recipes and beautiful photography that inspires me, all over again, to stay healthy.

I intend to live a very, very long time. Eating raw vegan is the only way to get there with my health intact.

Tell me about other raw food and vegan resources you love by clicking that Comments link below.

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Blue Letter Bible

The great thing about the Blue Letter Bible isn’t the large number of English translations, or the commentaries, or the links to related hymns — though those are all excellent.  The wonder of BLB is the lexicon and concordance, which renders verses in Hebrew and Greek with transliterations and word-for-word translations to English.

See, for example, the lexicon entry for James 1:5 — “If any of you lack sophia, wisdom…”

Good stuff from the Good Book. If you know of other good religion resources, do tell! The Comments link invites you to share your sophia.

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Looking to drive traffic to your web site? Here’s the secret, guaranteed.

Just make sure the topic of your web site is “Cheap Gasoline Locations.” Then get OPEC to double the price of oil. See how easy?

Well it works for Gas Buddy — the site that tracks the price of gasoline in your town, and in every town in your geographic area. Hey, we can fight back! Buddy up! Tell the neighbors what your nearest station is charging today, and they’ll return the favor.

Have other ideas for pressuring price gougers? Share by clicking that Comments link below.

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All day today, I’ve been listening to Pandora — internet radio for the technologically inept.

Honestly, the whole Kazaa and ripping CDs and illegal downloads thing just baffles me. I don’t even wanna know.

But Pandora has music coming out my computer speakers for the first time in — well, ever. Today, it’s playing stations dedicated to my boys Earth, Wind and Fire, my Beach Boys and my Five for Fighting. Ahhhh. What a wonderful world. Hey! I think I hear Louis calling!

Click that Comments link below and bring me into the 21st century. I’m embarrassing my kids. What tunes should I really be listening to?

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